The CDDU3000 designed to mix slurry, H2O2 and DI water or any other additives to a final mixture at required concentration. CDDU3000 is a full automatic system with the option of local manual operation.

The system provide with one delivery tank, one smaller buffer tank.

CDDU3000 has 2 options for mixture preparation. One based on batch preparation in the buffer tank and delivery to the Delivery tank. The second is an online mixing in the delivery tank, when the buffer tank use for holding the concentrated slurry. 

On line H2O2 analyzer is optional. The analyzer provides real time data to support H2O2 replenishment.

  • Handles most aqueous Slurries
  • Small footprint
  • Front maintenance access
  • Utilities located at high level for easy connection
  • Can supply multiple POCs on demand, supply during internal circulation
  • Polypropylene cabinets with height adjusting feet mounted on a stainless steel chassis
  • High Level resolution touch screen for local operation
  • All chemical handling pathways, tubing and valves utilize PFA
  • Pneumatic actuation of valves, transfer and delivery chemical pumps
  • Cabinet base acts as leak containment and any spills are automatically pumped to drain

Principal of dilution

The amount of each chemical and DI is calculated according to required consternation and operator parameters, and transfers to the buffer or delivery tank (for mixing) in the same time and in the same ration. Chemical volume is measured with load cell.

H2O2 provide from external CDU and measure by load cell and supply to the tank by dosing pump.

DI water is measured by double flow meters.

Mixture can be prepared in two forms:
  • Online mixing in the delivery tank for a full batch
  • Mixing in the buffer tank and filling the delivery tank with a small batches at a time


Cabinet MOC
FM compliant plastics, or other
according to customer requirements
Sample chamber For on line sampling
Filter housing(s) sized According to process requirements
Stirrer Stirrer and pneumatic motor for the
Suppressor For delivery pumps
H2O2 Analyzer  

 CDDU-3000 diagram






Process cabinet          

2,080 mm

1,700 mm

720 mm

Analyzer cabinet *

2,080 mm

600 mm

720 mm

  * Optional

Utilities Needed

N2                                   1 m3/hr. at 2 bar
CDA 10 m3/hr. At 5-7 bar
Exhaust 500 m3/hr
Drain 10 l/min. (top connection)

System Delivery Volumes

Output Up to 30 lpm as required by the application



Electrical- top location

Supply                                 24VDC 6A
Touch Screen Exter


Uptime                                > 99.9%
MTBF 2500 hours
MTBA 250 hours
MTTR 2 hours, subject to spares
being available on site

Construction Materials

Std CDU                       
White PP or other, on a coated
stainless steel chassis
Mixing Tank Natural PP
Tubing HP PFA
Valves HP PFA
Pumps PTFE / HP440PFA or SS for Solvents


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