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Simple Solutions

MABAT is a leading company for automated, smart and simple process solutions.Being active in the wet chemical systems market for the last 30 years we can offer the customer the perfect solution to meet process requirements
  Main office: +972 (0) 8-660-1320
US toll free: +1 866-908-6297
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Chemical Delivery System
MABAT chemical delivery systems give highly reliable, accurate volumes needed at the point of consumption
Wet Bench
 Designed and manufactured to support various wet processes and wafer carrier sizes.
Water Analyzer
MABAT’s SDI and MFI analyzers are automatic on-line systems, providing accurate readings in stable repeated testing procedures
Israel Main office: +972 (0) 8-660-1320 UK Marketing and support: +44-777-566-3714  USA Toll free: + 1 866-908-6297
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