MABAT Process - from Vision to Reality

The entire design is done using MABAT's unique approach - Costumer Collaboration

Data gathering
The first step is gathering of all relevant data, requirements, specifications, processes, footprint-limitations and cost constraints.
Innovation Process
A joint-team of customer representatives and Mabat experts processes all the data.
MABAT experience, knowledge and innovation skills are invested to create the Basic concept for the system.
Developing phase
Utilizing the newest design tools including 3D modeling, flexible HMI and PLC software, Mabat designs the system up to its smallest details.
The most advance CNC systems are utilized to manufacture the system. A dedicated project manager closely escorts the manufacture process all the way through.
The system undergoes rigorous operational and functional tests before shipping to the costumer.
A MABAT team escorts the entire installation process and site acceptance tests.
Training and Documentation
MABAT provides a complete documentation set including electrical and mechanical drawings, user manual and training package. All this is – in addition to thorough on-site training.

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