MABAT is a privately owned company and has been established since 1981. The company was originally established to provide design, support and services in control systems for all industries. By working closely with our customers our engineering team recognized the market needs which helped to identify the future direction for Mabat.

Today the company is leading the field in development and production of chemical delivery and blending systems as well as development and manufacture of process support products, for a wide range of industry customers.

Being an engineering house, MABAT can provide turnkey solutions and specializes in industrial machines and process control systems to meet customer requirements.

In order to perform successfully in a very demanding market both nationally and internationally, MABAT Ltd. has recognized the need for establishing a high quality design and development team. In light of the company's vision, effort was made to form an advanced group of engineers that can design and develop the next generation of products.

Automation Software & Control Solutions by MABAT

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