Automation Software & Control Solutions by MABAT

MABAT is a leading company for automated, smart and simple process solutions.Being active in the wet chemical systems market for the last 30 years we can offer the customer the perfect solution to meet process requirements.

  • Wet Bench

    Wet Bench

    Designed and manufactured to support various wet processes and wafer carrier sizes. The stations can be manual, automatic or semi automatic, and are designed for easy maintenance and with small footprints. MABAT design the stations according to process requirements and customer needs.

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  • Chemical Delivery system

    Chemical Delivery system

    MABAT's chemical delivery systems, as all systems, are developed according to our customer's process requirements. The systems are designed to dispense chemicals to the point of consumption from any type of source container and with full redundancy, if required.

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  • SDI Water Analyzer

    SDI Water Analyzer

    MABAT's SDI and MFI analyzers are automatic on-line systems, providing accurate readings in stable repeated testing procedures.

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  • Lab equipment

    Lab equipment

    MABAT's lab equipment capability covers various types of equipment in the fields of component testing, process monitoring and other process support requirements.

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  • Chemical Dilution System

    Chemical Dilution System

    MABAT's chemical dilution and blending systems are capable of handling most chemicals used in the semiconductor and associated industries. All systems are giving high levels of blending accuracy and repeatability.

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  • Waste Collection Systems

    Waste Collection Systems

    MABAT's Waste Collection Systems, as all systems, are developed according to our customer’s process requirements. The Waste Collection Systems are designed to collect chemicals waste from any type of source in replaceable drums. This feature minimizes chemical hazards and facilitates safe evacuation of the chemicals. 

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