CDU 1500


Circulating Chemical Delivery Unit

The MABAT CDU-1500 types are offering a circulated chemical loop between the unit and the plating tool. The systems' are allows internal batches preparation and circulating the chemical while controlling the required parameters of temperature and pH levels.

The system is build as two identical, independent units in one cabinet to support two chemicals supplies to the plating process. The unit can be delivering in one cabinet, half size, to support one main chemical batch only.

Only the highest quality components are used in its construction and the module controller utilises the very latest control technology.

The CDU can be interlinked with existing factory monitoring systems, please consult with MABAT’s software engineering dept.

  • Handles most aqueous chemicals
  • Small footprint
  • 3 sides maintenance access
  • Utilities located at high level for easy connection
  • Circulating the batch from ant to the tool (gravitationally)
  • High volume batch size of up to 450 Liters
  • Automatic pH level correction according to operator set point 
  • Polypropylene cabinets with height adjusting feet mounted on a stainless steel chassis
  • High Level resolution touch screen for local operation
  • All chemical handling pathways, tubing, valves and pumps utilise HP440/HP450 PFA & PTFE
  • Pneumatic actuation of valves, transfer and delivery chemical pumps
  • Pumped drain from the cabinet base which acts as leak containment


External pump cabinet      To allow chemical delivery when
                                                  tool is located on CDU level

Cabinet MOC              Stainless steel frame, coated 
                                    FM compliant plastics  

Delivery / Batch tank          Consult our factory for sizes

Sample chamber for on line sampling

Filter housing according to process requirements

Utilities Needed

N2                                 30 psi, 20 lpm

CDA                              80-100 psi, up to 50 lpm

Exhaust                       250 m3/h

DI supply                     30 psi, up to 5 lpm

Main power                 24 VDC, 10 Amp

Drain                       ½” PFA max flow 15 lpm

Construction Materials

Std CDU                     White PP or other, on a coated 
                                     stainless steel chassis

Tubing                        HP PFA 

Valves                        HP PFA 

Pumps                      PTFE / HP440 PFA


  Height  Width  Depth
Process cabinet (2 Sides)   2,080 mm 1,480 mm 1,975 mm
External pump cabinet 1,500 mm 780 mm 378 mm

Electrical- top location

Supply                             24 VDC, 10 Amp

Electrical protection     16 Amp

PLC                                 ABB

Touch Screen                Exter

System Delivery Volumes

Up to 450 Liters batch volume. Circulation output up to 30 lpm
As required by the application.


Uptime                     >99.9%
MTBF                        2500 hours
MTBA                        250 hours
MTTR                        5 hours, subject to spares
                                  being available on site
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