Modular Chemical Delivery Unit

The CDU 8000 is a modular design Chemical Delivery Unit that gives a great deal of production flexibility in terms of production capacity variations and existing plan layout limitations.

The complete solution is divided to two independent delivery units: SCD8000, Pump Delivery Unit and P8000, Pressure Delivery Unit.
The units are capable of delivering allocated amounts of Acids, Alkalis or Solvents to its final destination with high reliability, accuracy, and with exceptional quality control.

Being a modular unit, CDU 8000 allows work at several modes in parallel with automatic programmed switching and without any interruptions to the process. This makes each unit to function as a self backup to the CDU.


The SCD unit is in charge of pumping the chemicals from the chemical 
containment to the local day tank (or directly to the Point Of Use), 
circulates the content of the day tanks until fill request from the tool, 
and routinely deliver filtered chemicals from the day tanks to process.

Each SCD unit can be programmed in 6 different modes in order to 
function in all the phases of the work: 

transferring chemicals from the containers to the day tanks for ready 
delivery on demand

keeping the day’s supply fresh and filtered by circulating it around the day tank

transferring the requested amount from the day tanks to the Point of Use

delivering the chemical from the barrels to POU

Filter replacement 
automatically drying the filters and line for routine filter replacement

taking the unit offline, releasing all interlock and automatic actions and allowing 
full manual operation through local control panel


The P 8000 unit is used as a final drive from the CDU to the POU when it is advantageous 
to buffer the chemicals on the way from the pumps to the tools. Nitrogen (N2) gas is used to 
apply constant pressure on the liquid in order to provide smooth flow and fine control on the rate of delivery. 

The chemicals in the P 8000 units are kept in two pressure vessels inside the cabinet, 
which are re-supplied by the SCD 8000 unit. Up to six P 8000 units can be added to the 
CDU 8000 subsystem, in addition to one or more SCD units (operating in parallel).

The CDU8000 is offering full redundancy and automatic backup to support frequent flow to the POU. 



Number of delivery units, is determine by the process
(up to 6 for each system)

Cabinet MOC            Stainless steel for solvents. 
                                    FM compliant plastics  

Pumps                         Higher volumes/solvent applications

Day tanks                    Consult our factory for sizes

Sample chamber for on line sampling

Filter housing according to process requirements

Utilities Needed

N2                                 2.0 bar - 20 lpm

CDA                              5.5 -7.0 bar– 50 lpm

Exhaust                       300 m3/h


Construction Materials

Std CDU                     White PP or other, on a coated 
                                     stainless steel chassis or SS

Tubing                        HP PFA or SS for Solvents 

Valves                        HP PFA or SS for Solvents

Pumps                      PTFE/HP440PFA or SS for Solvents


  Height  Width  Depth
Process cabinet            2,080 mm 850 mm 720 mm

Electrical- top location

Supply24VDC 6A


Touch Screen Exter

System Delivery Volumes

Output Up to 30 lpm
As required by the application.


Uptime                     >99.9%
MTBF                        2500 hours
MTBA                        250 hours
MTTR                        2 hours, subject to spares
                                  being available on site
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