MABAT offer the CMU-5000, TMAH batches based chemical dilution and delivery unit. Each batch tested with two conductivity analyzers. The two measurements should be in spec of:
2.380 +/- 0.001 or better.

The system includes auto titration analyzer which offers the option to test each bath before transfer to buffer tank.
The system is fully automatic and controlled by local HMI.

The control systems provide report of each batch and have the capacity to collect data for several years.

CMU 5000  
  • Batch size and volume are determined by process needs
  • Internal monitoring of concentration correlation
  • The equipment's accuracy of ± 0.0001 allows receiving punctuality of ± 0.003%
  • Small footprint
  • 3 sides maintenance access
  • Utilities located at high level for easy connection
  • Can supply multiple POCs on demand
  • Flow control to reach required mixture
  • Polypropylene cabinets with height adjusting feet mounted on a stainless steel chassis
  • High Level resolution touch screen for local operation
  • All chemical handling pathways, tubing and valves utilize PFA
  • Pneumatic actuation of valves, transfer and delivery chemical pumps
  • Cabinet base acts as leak containment and any spills are automatically pumped to drain

DDS, batch system’s advantages

1. Adding’s are done on a measuring base, in case of damaged batch, the system will drain the all batch to assure only           process’ approved chemical will reach the production line
2. Mixing the batch is done by mixer and circulation pumps to reach chemistry’s homogenous
3. Concentration measurement is done by recalculated sample loop. Results are compared between the two independent     conductivity sensors 
4. The system’s measuring capability is based on an accurate weighing unit of up to several grams detection; this fact             provides an additional control on the final received product
5. The measuring accuracy is not affected by the batch’s volume, and is not limited to any minimal or maximal 
    amount of batch
6. Provides the option to use totes from stock, to refresh the stock and to use in case of system fail

DDS layout                                   Options
  • CDU cabinetfor TMAH filling
  • Cabinet MOCStainless steel frame, coated FM compliant plastics
  • Delivery / Batch tank Consult our factory for sizes
  • Sample chamber for on line sampling
  • Filter housing according to process requirements


  Height Width Depth
Process cabinet         2,080 mm       2,540 mm       1,470 mm  

Utilities Needed
N2                          0.5-0.7 MPa up to 120 Nl/min
DI up to 20 l/min
Exhaust up to 250 m3/h
OFA 0.5-0.7 MPa up to 400 Nl/min
Electrical includes UPS 230 VAC, 10-16 Amp
Drain 10 l/min. (top connection)


Supply 230 VAC
Touch Screen  

System Delivery Volume
Output            Up to 15 lpm as required by the application


             Construction Materials
Std CMU                     

White PP or other, on a coated
stainless steel chassis

Mixing Tank FRP with internal Teflon coating
Tubing HP PFA
Valves HP PFA
Pumps PTFE / HP

Uptime                        > 99.9%
MTBF 2500 hours
MTBA 250 hours
2 hours, subject to spares
being available on site
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