HCC-500-1 heating cooling chamber has been designed for burn-in testings. The unit can be operated and programmed from the touch screen terminal, located on the front side of electric cabinet.

The plate can reach temperatures in range of -90 to +150 oC.
Target temperature of the plate or module is defined in the pre-programmed recipes and controlled by electrical heating element and liquid nitrogen according to recipe.



  • The plate can reach temperatures in range of -90 to +150 oC
  • The unit can be programmed for up to five different recipes. Each recipe contains five parameters: Ramp Time, Target Temperature, Dwell time, Check-on and Power on-off
  • The unit is equipped with plastic chamber to keep the plate under dry condition. This achieved by constant dry N2 flow to the chamber
  • The unit is controlled by local touch screen operation



Oxygen Analyzer                  (by customer)
General dimensions could be modify according to 
customer requirements
Working area
could be modify according to
customer requirements


HCC-500-1 diagram          


  Height          Width            Depth
Plate 17 mm 160 mm 210 mm
Plate working area 67 mm 170 mm 220 mm
Chamber 500 mm 230 mm 278 mm
Control panel (for 19” rack) 220 mm 480 mm  

Maximum heating rate              15 oC/min

Maximum cooling rate             10 oC/min

Temperature                           -90 to 150 oC



Utilities Needed

Liquid N2 Pressure 100 psi Max.
Gas N2 Flow 50 lpm Max.
Gas N2 Pressure 60 psi


Supply 220 VAC 12A, 50 Hz


Construction Materials

Working surface Aluminum
Gas Chamber Perspex

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