Workstation type TB-SL-2000 is use for manual eutectic soldering of components, using different soldering procedures according to user standards (as Au / Ge, Ga / As etc.). The system is also allows eutectic soldering without any performances (as Silicone components soldering).

The unit can be use for a verity of components soldering as MIC, RF devices and micro-electronics components.

Soldering is done under clean environment of Forming gas (or other, according to customer process). 

  • Constant and stable temperature at the plate core is achieved by continues gas flow
  • Soldering under temperature of up to 450oC, accuracy ± 1oC
  • Start / Stop push bottom to extract vacuum to the Holding Plate
  • The soldering is done under the environment of Forming gas (or other) to obtain safe and oxygen free soldering environment
  • Isolated plate around the soldering area to provide worker maximum safe and easy access to the process
  • Different carousels provide different soldering opens dimensions. In order to keep the soldering area as fit as can be to the soldered carrier
  • Ergonomics
    • Carousel holder around the soldering area, for easy performances and components access during work
    • Easy access to the operation buttons
    • Isolated carry arm for components checking with no need in temperature changes
    • Round table edges for worker's safety and comfort
    • Different holders and covers for all accessorized items



(by customer)

Oxygen Analyzer

(by customer)

General dimensions

could be modify according to 
customer requirements

Working area

could be modify according to 
customer requirements

Table top light



TB-SL-2000 diagram



  Height Width Depth
General               1,800 mm       1,000 mm       700 mm
Working area 800 mm 1,000 mm 700 mm

Utilities Needed

Mixing Gas Pressure 1.0-2.0 bar.
Mixing Gas Flow 10-20 SCFH
CDA 50 lpm at 6 bar
Vacuum -1 to -0.3 bar 


Supply 220 VAC 6A

Construction Materials

 Table frame                            Aluminum 
 Work Surface
Wood coating with HPL 
antistatic surface
 Heating Surface  SS 316
 Isolation Plate  Aluminum


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