The semi-automatic load / unload, has two motion axis soldering characteristics controlled workstations.

TB-SL-3000 supply hand-free product handling in the clean working environment for the high quality electronic assembly production industry. The attached gas chamber provides the perfect mix of Nitrogen and Hydrogen with a supply of required Oxygen to establish controlled solder clean working area.

The controlled TB-SL-3000 consists of a temperature controller for both Holding and Clamping Plates to accompany almost any micro-electronic type production module without the need for the use of dedicated fixtures. It can be accomplished with the use of a vacuum system driving clean sucking air through a hole located in the center of the holding plate. 

  • Hot temperature control of the heating clamps surface
  • Hot temperature controlled to both surface sides of the Clamping Plates, each side has separate controller
  • The unit is controlled by local indication panel
  • External temperature indicator to use for measuring the temp. On the welding surface
  • The unit can be supplied with hot plate surface


Microscope                            (by customer)
General dimensions
could be modify according to 
customer requirements
Working area
could be modify according to
customer requirements

TB-SL-3000 diagram                               


  Height Width Depth
General         1,120 mm            1,650 mm            755 mm     

Utilities Needed

Gas N2 Flow 50 lpm Max.
Gas N2 Pressure60 psi


Supply 220 VAC 6A

Construction Materials

Frame structure Aluminum
Work Wood Surface coating with HPL antistatic surface
Gas Chamber Perspex
Heating plate Aluminum
Hot clamp Aluminum 

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