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Chemical Delivery Systems (Distribution)

MABAT’s chemical delivery systems, as all systems, are developed according to our customer’s process requirements.
The systems are designed to dispense chemicals to the point of consumption from any type of source container and with full redundancy, if required.


CDU 2500

Offers solution to chemical delivery from supply drums direct to point of consumption in a process area or service chase on demand

CDU 1500

Designed for supplying various plating chemicals to an automated plating tool. The chemical solution is prepared in the CDU and supplies to the tool at a fixed rate as well as draws the solution out of the platter at a higher but fixed rate.The plating supply solutions are independently temperature and pH controlled. 

CDU 2000

Designed for delivering up to 3 different chemicals to the end user system upon a fill request signal.

CDU 8000

Modular chemical delivery unit which offers solution to chemical delivery from any containment. The system allows several units connections (Pump delivery and Pressure delivery) according to process.

MABAT works in accordance with ISO, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 standards. As a member of SEMI, all products are designed and manufactured according to SEMI guidelines. The systems are CE marked and has TUV NA approval.

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